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Personal and Business solutions to all IRS/Tax issues from the combined representation of experienced attorneys and CPA's working together to solve your crisis from all angles.

If you have a tax issues or have been contacted by the IRS:

  • Do not ignore communication attempts from the IRS
  • Retain a qualified tax lawyer to represent your interests when dealing with the IRS
  • Do not speak with IRS agents without your attorney present
  • Do not lie to IRS agents
  • Do not immediately assume that your tax problems cannot be resolved through negotiation with the IRS

If you owe money to the IRS, it is never a good idea to ignore the issue. Although you may not have the financial means to pay your tax liability in one lump sum, disregarding collection notices will not solve your problem. Instead, it will make it worse. We can help!

  • Outstanding Tax returns
  • Settling tax liabilities
  • Dealing with IRS agents in Michigan and Nationwide
  • Tax Liens and Levies
  • Criminal charges

Many times, individuals ask if it is OK to have their certified public accountant (CPA) deal with the IRS on their behalf during an investigation. The truth is, a CPA is not the best professional to protect your rights in an IRS inquiry. Tax laws are complex, and if a CPA accidentally makes an incriminating statement about you to the IRS, this information can and will go into the government's evidence against you. Here, Mr. Clark has teamed up with Mr. Garelick to provide a comprehensive offensive against the IRS using legal tactics and the knowledge of an experienced CPA. The best of both worlds combined.

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